FloodSax In The Media

Please find a list of write ups and sound bites about FloodSax from across Australian print, online and radio media:

On Radio

ABC Adelaide, Feb 2011 [PDF 2.6mb]
ABC Melbourne

In Print

TecTorque Autumn 2011 Issue [PDF 608b]
Insurance News, Aug-Sep 2010 [PDF 500kb]
Facilities Perspectives Magazine [PDF 1.4MB]
Brisbane Seniors, Dec 2010 [PDF 692kb]
Gold Coast Seniors, Dec 2010 [PDF 672kb]
Ballarat News, Sep 2010 [PDF 192kb]
Sunshine Coast Seniors, Dec 2010 [PDF 608b]

On The Internet

ABC Melbourne, Jan 2011 [PDF 212kb]
Mackay News Daily Mercury [PDF 308kb]

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