FloodSax Assisting The Strata Community:

Internal Flooding and Water Penetration

• Hot water and fire system leaks
• Common area and common laundry leaks and accidents
• Backflow pump accidents
• Individual owner’s bathroom, laundry, kitchen spills and leaks
• New building defects

Slips, Trips and Falls, New Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

• Empower building managers to act instantly and manage immediate water accidents as well as mitigating potential future maintenance and repair liabilities.
• Provide Strata Corporations and building managers with a physical tool to proactively deal with water based emergency, maintenance and repair issues before they manifest into greater problems or potential litigation.
• Assist in complying with Directors and Officers obligations under new Occupational Health and Safety legislation

External Flooding

• Provide an immediate solution for external flooding and flash flooding as a wall of Floodsax can be deployed in minutes
• Build a protective wall for: Underground car parks, Power supplies and common areas

Damage Caused During A Fire

• Leading Strata Managers suggest that 20% of damage to property is caused by the fire and 80% of damage to property is caused by water used to distinguish the fire.
• Place FloodSax across doorways of unaffected properties to localise and mitigate damage caused by water from emergency services.

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