FloodSax And Risk Management Planning:

Current events have increased the focus on managing uncertainty, organisational preparedness for the worst case is now top of mind. It is critical to minimise those unplanned events that may negatively impact upon any home, business or organisation

Having FloodSax on hand ready to use at a moments notice as a ‘tactical response’ will assist in areas such as:

Preparing For Uncertainty / Uncertainty Based Risk
Minimizing those things that may negatively impact upon an organisation – in this instance building and infrastructure damage caused by cyclones/storms/floods/flash flooding/ fire fighting or everday accidental water damage such as general leaks from ceilings, sprinkler systems, appliances, bathroom, laundry, kitchen spillages and prevention of slips,trips and falls

Business Continuity Planning / Planning to minimize business disruption
Ensuring that plans are in place to respond to the crisis if it occurs. Other organisations have used Floodsax during a crisis and managed to keep to trading

Hazards Based Risk
Manual Handling – FloodSax lightweight and portability enable all staff members to respond to a crisis instantly

Emergency Planning
FloodSax have already been widely used by other businesses both large and small, councils and emergency services.

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